About KIF

KIF Mission:
To bring people of different faiths together for learning and mutual understanding by:

  • Providing an equal and inclusive platform to discuss spiritual issues.
  • Inducing positive attitudinal changes in the general public towards spirituality.
  • Being a channel of communication and action that influences spiritual enhancement and peace.

KIF Vision:
To create a community that is conducive to spiritual enhancement and peace.

KIF Values:
We value accountability, broadness, courtesy, cordial language, charity, diversity, dignity, genuineness, honesty, inclusiveness, listening attitude, openness, order, respect, receptiveness, service, transparency and variety in the pursuit of spiritual development and peace.

KIF Motto:
Spiritual enhancement and peace.

The Kalamazoo Interfaith Forum (KIF) has been meeting every second Sunday of the month since February 2009. We are hoping to develop a core group comprised of at least two representatives from each faith. Please feel free to forward this information to your friends who could possibly be interested in becoming a part of the core group. Recent meetings have included members from the Baha’i, Buddhist, Christian,Muslim, Hindu and Sikh communities.

Meeting days: The second Sunday of each month.

Time: 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

Venue: Our venue changes from month to month. Please check this website or our Facebook page for information regarding the selected venue for each month’s meeting


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